The brand FOSSER

The FOSSER brand is manufactured by Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH, founded in 2005.

The FOSSER product range includes engine, transmission, hydraulic and industrial oils as well as greases, brake fluids, windscreen wiper water, antifreeze coolant and other lubricants.

When selecting our raw material suppliers, we rely exclusively on internationally recognized manufacturers. Reliability, professionalism, efficiency and flexibility are the main principles and philosophy of our company.

The concept of FOSSER is based on two fundamental aspects:

  1. Always creating products taking into account the needs of different countries, such as climatic conditions and different needs of potential customers.
  2. The strategy is characterized by the constant dynamic growth and the movement in maximum speed.

Production and quality “Made in Germany”

oil fillingDevelopment, bottling and production as well as quality management are all about “Made in Germany”. In order to do justice to this, we always invest in our production facilities and can thus offer the highest quality of our products.

State-of-the-art refining equipment enables high-quality products, which are subjected to strict quality controls in certified laboratories. Our fully automated production guarantees a standardized process for the filling and packaging of our products. Our response time to fluctuating order situations has been reduced to a minimum, ensuring an absolute delivery capability at all times.

Our distribution warehouse also constantly invests in the market. We currently have a 35,000 square meter warehouse equipped with state-of-the-art assembly lines and storage capacity for more than 6.1 million liters of loose goods. All in all, we offer our business partners a daily production capacity of up to 100,000 containers with a volume of 250 ml up to 1,000 liters.

FOSSER worldwide

Due to the highest quality at fair prices, our FOSSER products are successfully sold in over 30 countries. Thanks to our fleet and renowned logistics partners, we always deliver promptly and reliably.
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