FOSSER Premium Longlife 12-FE 0W-30

1 liter, 4 liters, 20/ 25 liters, 60 liters, 208 liters

High-performance low-friction engine oil for BMW engines of the latest generation


FOSSER Premium Longlife 12-FE is a low-ash, fuel-economy engine oil for modern BMW engines. By saving fuel, it helps reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to the product’s innovative additive technology and its significantly reduced content of ash-producing compounds, the oil provides excellent protection for diesel particle filters against dirt (LOW-SAPS formulation).

FOSSER Premium Longlife 12-FE ensures quick cold starting at low temperatures and protects the engine against corrosion and deposits. The synthetic oil keeps the engine in pristine condition.

Use instructions

FOSSER Premium Longlife 12-FE is only suitable for selected BMW diesel engines from model year 2014 for which it has been approved (all B37 3-cylinder engines, 4-cylinder engines from 2014 and 6-cylinder engines from model year 2013) with no more than 1 turbocharger. The product is also suitable for all BMW petrol engines from model year 2002 produced for the EU market, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • Specifications: ACEA C2
  • Recommendations*: BMW Longlife 12-FE
Density at 15°CDIN 51 757kg/m³841
Viscosity at 40°CDIN 51 562mm²/s52,8
Viscosity at 100°CDIN 51 562mm²/s9,8
Viscosity index (VI)DIN ISO 2909174
Viscosity at -35°CDIN 51 377mPa.s5600
COC flash pointDIN ISO 2592°C-48
Pour pointDIN ISO 3016°C236
TBNDIN ISO 3771mg KOH/g8,2

The above values may vary within commercially accepted tolerances.
* Meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer.