FOSSER Premium VOL 0W-30

20 liters, 60 liters, 208 liters

Synthetic high-performance low-friction engine oil for Volvo passenger car engines


Fosser Premium VOL 0W-30 is a synthetic high-performance low-friction oil. Its low HTHS viscosity helps reduce fuel consumption during the cold start phase and in short-distance travel. Guarantees optimum wear protection and great engine cleanliness. The product is recommended for use in Volvo passenger cars with modern, high-efficiency Euro 4, 5 or 6 engines, with or without turbocharger, direct injection, multi-valve or hybrid technology. Fosser Premium VOL 0W-30 helps save fuel and reduces CO2 emissions, thus protecting the environment.

Use instructions

Fosser Premium VOL 0W-30 with VOLVO VCC 95200377 approval is the prescribed product for petrol and diesel engines of the B5, B6, B8 and D5 series built after 2004 as well as for hybrid PHEV drives.

  • Specifications: API SL, ACEA A5/ B5
  • Recommendation*: Volvo VCC 95200377
Density at 15°CDIN 51 757kg/cm³845
Viscosity at 40°CDIN 51 562mm²/s52,5
Viscosity at 100°CDIN 51 562mm²/s9.89
Viscosity index (VI)DIN ISO 2909178
Viscosity at -35°CDIN 51 377mPa.s5930
COC flash pointDIN ISO 2592°C224
Pour pointDIN ISO 3016°C-42

The above values may vary within commercially accepted tolerances.
* Meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer.