FOSSER Sägekettenöl

5 liters, 20 liters, 60 liters, 208 liters

Adhesive Special Oil for Saw Chains


FOSSER Sägekettenöl is a mineral adhesive oil providing excellent corrosion and wear protection due to its high lubrication film stability.
Additional properties:

  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Great durability
  • Good lubrication properties
  • No damage to sealing materials and plastic components
  • Good adhesion preventing dripping and throw-off
  • Dark colour

Use instructions

FOSSER Sägekettenöl  has been specially designed for the lubrication of chains in motor saws. FOSSER Sägekettenöl  is also recommended for low-load lube points that require an adhesive oil product.
Observe manufacturer instructions!

Density at 15°CDIN 51 757kg/m³893
Viscosity at 40°CDIN 51 562mm²/s110
Viscosity at 100°CDIN 51 562mm²/s11,5
Pour pointDIN ISO 3016°C-24
COC flash pointDIN ISO 2592°C220

The above values may vary within commercially accepted tolerances.
* Meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer.